Teresa Spelman is your Yoga wellbeing guide for the Summer Solstice Retreat. She feeds people what they need. She is very honest in telling you that Yoga healed her of an eating disorder and Panic attacks she had developed in her teens due to an over active mind. Yoga had the power to completely heal not only her body but more importantly her mind.

Every time she teaches its always the first time. The Yoga postures are a small part of the teaching. People breathe correctly when their mind & body are free and clear. People stand up tall when they have faced their fears and have let them go. She has seen this time and time again over the years.

Teresa will guide you through a weekend of relaxation, practical meditation, teach you how to make simple fresh homemade spelt bread & fermented drinks and takes the fear out of doing it yourself.

You will learn the skills of a yogi-being present, releasing negative energy, cleaning and soothing your mind, how to raise your energy and live your best life everyday. The time is now. There is no tomorrow.

To book a space go to www.thewillowretreat.com & for further details you can contact Teresa on 0864674507

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