A Healing Journey through the Chakras with Veronica Larsson & Eithne Kennedy

A 10 day residential immersion over 3 long weekends

in Avondale Retreat, Co. Wicklow

Oct 3rd – 6th
Nov 28th – 1st Dec
Jan 22nd – Jan 26th (2020)

Shared accommodation, food, teaching, and a manual are included in the price.
Investment € 1600.-

We warmly welcome you to this journey of experiential mind-body learning and personal development, through the age old wisdom teachings, tools and practices of subtle body anatomy and energy medicine. If you’re a therapist, facilitator, leader, yoga teacher, yoga practitioner, other wellness professional, or simply a human being curious about human potential and growth, this course will give you a whole new dimension both to your own practice and to your work. Use the contact form to register your interest to find out if this course is for you. CONTACT FORM.

This 10 day residential immersion is based on Subtle Body Anatomy Yoga practices & Energy Medicine tools; you’ll make the journey through your own inner body-mind landscape, absorbing the teachings on a deep level through your own transformational experience; learning to create balance through these tools on every level so that your inner power and source of vitality can move naturally. This is how healing happens! You’ll learn aspects of applicable science and practical tools from eastern mind-body health traditions, and more importantly, be able to experience their effects. We deliver the content in a comprehensive format, bringing a depth of experience, knowledge and clinical practice, to empower you to create direct results in your body, mind, life, and work.

Whether you intend to use what you discover here to deepen and inform your living, teaching, coaching or healing, for self or others, you’ll have a rich well of embodied experience and wisdom to draw from.

Three occasions of deep rest and rumination, away from daily life, provides deep nourishment for the mind, cells, nervous system and psyche, as well as giving time for a supported healing process over time, and its integration.


    Subtle Body Anatomy Yoga; learning the foundational principles of movement of energy in our biology, and understanding how to arrange the body-mind in physical practice to receive the energetic benefits of postures and stances, instead of ‘doing postures’. Practice and teaching FROM the Subtle Body. Encompasses in-depth foundational teachings about Vayu, Nadi, Kosha and Chakra (directions, energy pathways, layers, and energy centers) Includes restorative and regenerative practices.

    The Physiology and Psychology of the Chakra System; you’ll see, feel and gain first hand experience of the embodied expressions and workings of the chakra system, both in yourself and others, as it runs like a thread through much of teaching.

    Subtle Body Kinesiology; Kinesiology muscle testing as a means to tap into our innate wisdom, and identifying imbalance throughout the body-mind. Using muscle testing to restore flow to an energy system that has been disrupted.

    Fundamentals of 5 Elements, Organ & Meridians in TCM; Understanding the organ pairs and their related 5 elements and how these fundamentally impact our physical, emotional and mental health. Identification of flow between chakras/organs/elements/meridians using muscle testing. Relationship of muscles to organs and how to test for imbalance using muscle testing techniques.

    Nourishing Meals; All meals are created to most support participants in their process during the retreat; organic, unprocessed and deeply nourishing. All recipes will be in the manual. Participants will experience the balancing effects of consistent nourishing meals, and gain an understanding of the components of healthy eating.

    Evening Sessions will consist of Restorative Yoga, Healing Breath-work, Meditation, or other supportive work that’s needed to integrate the days experience.

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