Hello all,

Yesterday, I went to print some posters to hang up around the Rathdrum area. I went to Reads in Dublin and Paul at the print desk accidentally printed out 20 huge posters. I had asked for 5 A4, the ones he printed in addition are MASSIVE.
He handed them to me and said ‘well here you go, there’s no point binning them!” Indeed not Paul!
(our power as creators is even bigger than we can imagine!)

Something big is happening, power centres opening, centres of wisdom, love, receiving and gifting is expanding our awareness.

So excited to centre our circle here at Avondale for this breakthrough on Wednesday 12th September.

Matronix you are organising around our success. Breathe in it, allow it to expand our potential.

There is no need to have mastered anything to attend. We are expanding our creation powers together.



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