Women, womben, wise woman,

We come together in October at a beautiful time of year to activate our inner creative centres and put forth our inner most yearnings.

This course will bring us into shared commitments which serve completely to AMPLIFY the power of the creations we wish to put out – from the great Love our lives to Prosperity to Impact to experiencing a greater sense of shift in our authentic confidence.

When we wholeheartedly manifest together we move so swiftly into altering core beliefs and changing old patterns that we can finally begin to grasp the exponential power of higher possibility.

Are you ready to magnetise the support and resources you need to bring this vision in and out into the world?

Finally we have the opportunity to turn together inwards in order to dwell within and produce effects that can begin to shift within a matter of weeks. Once we magnetise the support, the real heart rolls outwards.

Ready to release old limiting patterns of being “invisible” in career and “unwanted” in love and the habitual ways that you show up and create evidence for their truth.

Particularly for women, it’s these old stories from our personal history and our family
of origin, about us not being enough, not being wanted, not being lovable.

It’s also a series of collective stories in our culture—the collective story about who we
are and our power, and who we are to have money and wealth. Who we are to be
visible and take up space and be successful. Who we are to be able to lead, who we
are to be able to contribute, who we are to be able to have a voice.

So many of these old, limiting stories are not your story; they are part of our collective

Specifically, the primary inner barriers to receiving those things that we desire, and
to be able to show up in the world in ways that match our higher possibilities, are a
deeper sense of our self, or our identity. Our sense of who we are and what is or isn’t
possible for us.

That’s what we’re going to identify and break through.

For the first time the barriers to us becoming ourselves truly are no longer outside of ourselves.

So women, register your interest asap as we are limited to 11.

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